Violin Teacher

Violin Teacher: Diehl Moran

Our new violin instructor is Diehl Moran. He is a native Houstonian. He first picked up the violin at age five. He attended Lamar High School and studied music and political science at the University of Houston. Mr. Moran has a broad and interesting repertoire. He is a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Beyond his classical training, Mr. Moran has played a wide variety of folk music, including Appalachian, bluegrass and Eastern European folk styles.

Having studied both violin and fiddle during his developmental years provided him with a rich environment for learning the art of music from different, and often conflicting, perspectives. Simultaneously learning the discipline and precision of classical violin and the expressiveness and diversity of fiddle allowed him to develop a unique versatility.

In addition to the orchestra at Lamar High School, Mr. Moran played prima balalaika for a season with the Houston Balalaika Society Orchestra. Learning mandolin chords helped him understand violin harmonies better. Electric violin used with guitar effects and MIDI gave Mr. Moran good perspective on timbre. Playing guitar got him listening to the structure of chords and rhythm more attentively. Mr. Moran is equally comfortable performing Christmas carols at a packed Rice University concert hall or laying down backup tracks in a recording studio or grinding out Texas swing in the smokiest dive in town. Whatever the genre and venue, he loves the music, and the way it brings people together.

Mr. Moran began playing Irish music around age eleven. His very patient parents accompanied him to the local pub where the sessions were held week after week. By the time he was fifteen, he was recording and playing at festivals. Mr. Moran is a co-founder of the Houston School of Irish Music—a school for children who would like to learn Irish music in group lessons. Mr. Moran plays fiddle and tenor banjo (and sometimes other strings) with The Jig is Up! at festivals, weddings, dances, and private parties.


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