Dad’s Club Rocket Launch

Spring, 2017

This is a great event for dads to spend a fun & educational day with their children. The Dad’s Club provides launch pads, igniters  and water.  All you need to do is register on-line ($10 entry fee per child) and purchase or build one rocket per child.  On the day of the event we will launch one rocket at a time toward a designated target.  Rockets that land closest to the target will advance to the next round.  Prizes will be awarded to the top three most accurate landings.

Date for the Rocket Launch will be posted soon. Visit us again!

 Rocket Guidelines:
(Rocket are readily available at many hobby stores or on-line at or similar sites)
  • 25 inches tall or less
  • Engines – Estes B4-4 or B6-4/325 ft. class
  • Handmade or purchased with 1/8 inch guide brackets attached (see attachment)
  • Can be decorated anyway you like
  • Walk-ups discouraged
  • Three rocket will be launched at one time
  • Closet to the designated targeted will move on
  • Prizes to be award for the top three most accurate landing
  • Brackets will be determined by the number of entrants

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