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Fund a Need 2017- Paddles Up for Programs!

Mark Twain stands out among other elementary schools for many reasons, but one integral reason is the role of our “specials” classes including: Art, Music, Spanish, PE, Environment, Science, Library, Technology and our beloved LDC. Specials add another dimension to learning, as they assist in nurturing and developing intangible characteristics such as creativity, empathy, perseverance, open-mindedness, critical thinking, focus & grit; all in ways that appeal to the students. Examples of this include:

  • Kindergarteners listen to and learn Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf in Ms. Bardin’s music class as a part of the ‘How We Express Ourselves’ planner.
  • 2nd graders deepen their understanding of the health planner, ‘Who We Are’ in Mr. Jody’s PE class, learning how exercise affects their heart, muscles and brain.
  • 4th graders create Native American bark paintings with Ms. Cowan’s Art Studio to learn about natural resources during the ‘Where We Are in Time and Place’ planner. Just to name a few…

Want to know our Twain Tigers’ thoughts on “specials,”?  Take a minute to watch the video below.

If you would like the opportunity to ensure the future success of Mark Twain’s robust and diverse programs, please make a donation now to the Paddles Up for Programs fundraising effort.

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Donations will be earmarked and solely used to support the programs at Mark Twain and are tax-deductible. You may be able to increase your donation by participating in a “Corporate Matching” program at your place of work.

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