VIPS Approval

VIPS Approval

Before volunteering at Mark Twain in any capacity or accompanying your child’s class on a field trip, you must register through VIPS  – Volunteers in Public Schools – as an HISD volunteer.

How can I become a VIPS?
All volunteers must register online and pass a criminal background check before they can participate as a volunteer. Please follow the steps below to become a VIPS:

Step 1:

Complete the entire Online Application in Raptor Volunteer Management System and submit your application.

Step 2:

Once your application is submitted you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 3:

An email will be sent to your email address informing you of your background check status.

Step 4:
Once you are CLEARED to volunteer, you are eligible to volunteer in HISD schools.

For questions, please contact Paige Schulz, VP of Volunteers and Grade Level Reps at

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