Friends and Family Donors 2015-2016

Thank you 2015-16 Friends and Family Campaign contributors!

Your generosity makes our school an extraordinary place for kids to learn and grow by supporting special programs like the Literary Development Center, International Baccalaureate Program and much more.

Mark Twain ($2000+)

Joel Smith & Tina Lee
The Pluchinsky Family
Morgan and Taylor Peden Family
Dejka Araujo

River Pilot ($1000)

The Highnote Johnston Family
Adam and Jennifer Kirk
Michael Kee
The Cotlar Family
Brad & Ellen Spalding
The Winkelmayer Family
Tcharmtchi Family
The Lee Family
Klay and Amy Allen
Jeannie and Craig Schneider
Sydney and Garrett Smith
The Rosenfeld Family
The Atherton Family
Matthew Prabhiu
Erin Colin Salisbury
Jeff and Natalie Sieler
The Johnson Family
Mason & Maya Harrington

Cub Pilot ($500)

Collin Ryan
Kyle & Liz Sanders
The Fernandez Family
Don and Michele Gibbons
The Schultz Family
Sydni and Ryan Mossman
Whitney and Matt Anderson
The Hyman Family
Will and Danielle Lincoln
Javiera Tudela
The Leggingtons
Mazur Family
Matt and Kahla Malinsky
Tanmay and Reena Desai
Yustein Family
Amelia, Jack & Annabel Perry
Zack Moss
The Ferro Family
The Kent Family
Jack & Karen Stopnicki
The Grossman Family
Barcot Family
The Shah Family
John & Naz Hopkins
Blossom Family
Morgan and Ethan Kuo
Aiden & Maddie Escobar
Fong & Anne Lam
Grace and Henry Bauch
Ayumi & John Sardar
Hyunseon Christine Kang and Junghoon Kim
Kevin & Michael Creed
Nabi Family
The Hawkins’ Family
Brad, Louise, Sean & Audrey Gathright
The Beauchamp Family
The Rein Family
Al & Kathleen Fenoy
The Lasics Family
Russell & Dana Morris
Vu & Nicole Nguyen
The Rose Family
Castillo Family
Bryce & Nate Butler
The Houck Family
Jessica & Armyn Freedson

Reporter ($250)

The Murray Family
The Lenhart Family
Sophie Bireley
The Fuller Family
Don and Michele Gibbons
Sara and Shahid Iqbal
The Pitzen Family
The Krolls Family
The Natelsons
Louis Haddon
Keri and Santiago Valdes
John and Annetta Modest
Jammar Family
Darrell and Lesley Whitley
Camilo & Christie Amezquita
BelÈn ServÌn
The Gupta Family
The Ahmed Family

Journeyman ($100)

Tammy and Tony Maynard
Steven Spears
Cristina de la Isla Family
Baez-Williams Family
Lee and Claire Reeves
The McDaniel Family
Blake, Joel and Zoe Watts
Jude Nash
Elizabeth Strelow and Neil Gross
Foye Family
Christopher Dyer
Dave and Lynn Edwards
Murchison Family
Tad and Josie Cowan
The Schlegel Family
The Hamad Family
The Brown Family
The Young Family
The McGauley Family
The Wilson Family
Strug Family
Benny Valdez Family
David and Lindsey Sheinbein
Bill and Shannon Rademacher
Nate and Matthew Chung
Makenna & Jacob Lee
Basil and Melissa Nichols
The Bosell Family
Ava Gallagher
Read Family
Penny Linsenmayer
The Rudin Family
Eric and Debra Ibarra Mayfield
Garsin/Lorenz Family
Binbin Yan
The Glickert Family
The Rawson Family
Aaron and An Huang
Savannah and Avery Wheeler
Amy & Kevin Noland
Sergio Parra
Robert, Amy and Savannah Schutt
The Barrow Family
The Hanks Family
Ron and Jessica de Jong

Apprentice ($20)

Fernanda Parodi, Jeff & Jana LeBeau, James Gouldie, Mi Rang Kim, Nicole & John Luck, Aiden & Maddie Escobar, The Stidman Family, The Ohana Family, The Marsack Family, Angela Diaz & Kyle & Madison Mendrano, Rob and Amy Schutt, Yuechan Li, Kevin Yan, Natalie Hundt, Maggie & Richard White, Lisset Salazar, William Dypiangco, Jeannette Cuevas, Kyle and Sara Friesen, Kim and David Swales, Shayan Mattoo, Azadeh Rad, Simon Zamberk and Family, Retvin Pant, Mira Cohan, Abigail Knight, The Sheaffer Family, Anirban Ghosh, Roman Carranza, Renee and Alvaro Barrios, Brandon Hinrichs, Harry & Chloe Phillips, Chris Crawford

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